You can always rely on your personal feeling during the interview and make a decision whether to hire or not. But is it enough? ?

The new nanny background checks

Care and babysitting are people you are going to entrust your most prized possessions. So it goes without saying that safety is a major concern when it comes to new employment.

Beyond the general requirements you are looking for your job posting, trust is the most important quality you should look for.

My babysitter site allows you to view the profile of the candidates early, as they present it, and allows you to get the maximum information from a single source.

All candidates are given a phone call by the site during the first 24 hours of registration, in order to ensure a real person is behind the information published. Some of the women candidates attach recommendations and some results of handwriting analysis.

All such background check, if there is marked on the picture of the candidate with an asterisk. This gives you an idea of ​​how the site is collected background candidate.

You as a family, if you have found a suitable candidate lacks direction to go and its background check, you can order through the site handwriting analysis or testing at the placement, customer service screen information.

To add your own background checks, there are several tips to help you decide whether the candidate is the best choice for your family:

Internet - Google, social networks.

Short seconds you will find more information about your candidate. Usually if it is a problematic candidate with an unusual background all it is, all the details will rise immediately.

Social networks you will see the family and social environment of the candidate, so will your hands to form views for their first meeting between you.

Depth Interview

Will be used during the interview to get to know your candidates depth. Be sure to ask all the questions that are important to a specific job and your family. This is also an opportunity to ask for information about the safety or talk about cases and responses handling emergencies, listen candidate to try to understand how it functions in such situations. See More in other articles


Ask at least three recommendations with contact names, and contact them. Introduce yourself to potential employers and ask their opinion. Ask the candidate two questions: How was and why she left. Fold your answer with the information you receive recommend.

Here are some important questions recommend:

How her personality? Flexible, robust, friendly, shy, open to criticism?

What are the strengths and its weaknesses?

Is it precise?

Why is not working for you?

Would you hire her back if necessary?

Is she takes initiative or require strict instructions?

How children relate to it, how the relationship with parents?

Is required driving role? Ask about the background of the offenses if there is, is well-versed in the laws of wearing a seat children car? If your caregiver will need to drive your car, Hideki with your insurance company about coverage appropriate.

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