Finding the ideal nanny for your children can feel fateful decision, but it should not be that way. Here are some tips from personal experience how to do it right.?

Find a babysitter - how to do it right

Find a babysitter - how to do it right

A) Do not rush to give yourself the time you need to find the right fit that works for you and your family. It may take a few tries. However, in the end you will get the best suited to be a real part of the family. Even if you need someone at the last minute need to make sure you're entrusting your child is in good hands.

B) Write a detailed job description is important to sit down and write a detailed description of the role, tasks and responsibilities that you believe therapist should do, whether it is necessary to prepare food for the children?, Or return them to kindergarten \ school, or make them lessons? How many hours it will work? How much can you pay it? Registration manufacturing job description detailed picture of the ideal therapist for you and that you can express an opinion on candidates. My babysitter site, you will find a search engine with a variety of questions which they answered all candidates. So the search will help find the most appropriate.

C) not to take someone with a different parenting style parenting similar view is a key factor when searching for someone that will integrate well with your family. Taking care advocates different values, confuse your children and can cause tension in the house.

D) The preparation of this questionnaire will guide you through the interviews and will allow you to compare candidates and narrow your choices. Determine a list of questions which applies to all candidates, based on job description prepared by the previous section. Then you can add specific questions tailored resume of certain interviewee. Shimmery place open-ended questions to allow candidates to express themselves and show their personality and their behavior.

E) The initial meeting place in the interviews can generate great interest on the part of the children and the nanny herself, but on the other hand, the first impression is reciprocal, so discretion in choosing place first interview is personal to each family. You can not edit the initial interviews at home, if you want to keep your privacy and your family before you will exhibit the job candidate. Candidates meeting for the first time in a coffee shop or other place agreed upon, is acceptable.

F) Ensure background checks in compliance with the nomination for your safety. Use the options to test my babysitter site background: We conduct an initial conversation with each candidate to ensure correctness of the preliminary and can be ordered through the website handwriting analysis which would give a neutral opinion about the candidate in various areas such as reliability, responsibility and so on. You can also book a test at the placement, in order to deepen the background check. For use of the test site, come meet the families and click on the appropriate link. Use My Babysitter site for details. Background check are designed to support your decision in relation to the candidate. However it is no substitute for a personal conversation and impression in person, to ensure you leave with your children responsible and reliable person.

G) previous experience is very important to get references candidate, even letters of recommendation, especially phone numbers of previous employers with whom you can talk and be impressed about their experience with the candidate. During a conversation with a recommend to get many details and different visual angles on the candidate, to complete the information before getting started.

H) the first time before the first time, you should make a joint introductory meeting (or several times) between the family caregiver. So that children can get used to the new presence, and get it approved by all of her presence. The first time the children staying with the nanny will be the basis for future social relations, therefore, should advance to summarize the frequency phone calls during the hours Hbiibistr, and other cases for which the nurse to call you. Thus, a combination of action help one another to be absorbed and to give children the best experience new person came into the house.

It is better to present all the requirements upfront you made in defining the role. The most important, always follow your instincts. Go with your gut.

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