Finding a babysitter that will give you the peace you have the kids with her, is not a complicated task but there are some things to watch out for at the search and interviews. ?

Find a quality babysitter

Find a quality babysitter

So you can go to work or attend an important event without children and without fear you have no easy task of reconciliation between you and the children's babysitter.

My Babysitter site you will find a list of potential candidates registered with the desire to find a family that will fit them and of course they will correspond to the family.

The site allows finding a babysitter by a large selection of criteria, based on a questionnaire that play when they are posted to the site nomination.

Sorting begins screening suitable candidates from the list, and then continue your examination of the match is the family, here are some tips how to know you've found the right babysitter.

The most important - experience.

It's not that you can not get a babysitter young without experience but in that case should be carefully monitored its needs and children during Hbiibisiting.

Experience is the first question: How many children do you have?, Some children you treated? How was the interaction with the kids?

It is important to talk about what she can do some emergency situations. Suitable babysitter with experience will be able to answer these questions and to prove that he or she can handle the job.

The babysitter's interaction with your children.

When the interview is in your house, you can immediately see how the interaction with your children. So you can test the love and good access for you kids, whether it is open to methods of parenting your, be sure to ask about training such as CPR course, first aid, any field related to occupational therapy with children, a creative field and sports, dance or any other area (you can locate these issues in selecting the advanced search my babysitter site) House rules - it is important to note what is allowed and what is not in your home, and check if things are on a listening ear in candidate.

Call home to check on the children and babysitter (at least the first time) to make sure everything is OK, you should call home, especially if the locations of the lack of absorption. You may be able to help a local problem and provide security babysitter, for example, half an hour after bedtime, when children may refuse to go to bed. Can you suggest some ways babysitter convince them bedtime.

Summary: after you get back home, it is important to summarize all the activity of a babysitter to both you and to learn lessons for the future. Ask specifically about issues that you think that might be a problem for the babysitter. Sometimes lighting may babysitter think children's behavior may present it in a negative light in your eyes, place to support and encourage and build their future relationship with the babysitter. Remember to that you will speak at the babysitter so it would be like for you and the kids more comfortable about her.

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