As a parent, nothing is more important than safety and happiness of your children. So when it comes to your kids working mother's intuition. ?

How to choose a babysitter - intuition

How to choose a babysitter - intuition

There is always a concern to hiring a new nanny, in such cases, "mother's intuition" is essential.

Even if the candidates bring recommendations, years of experience, and many skills. At the end you have to trust your instincts! If they tell you something is wrong, listen to them.

Here are questions you need to find out about yourself, and use your instincts during the recruitment process of a new nanny:

1. Can I rely on my intuition? For most of us, instincts are rarely wrong, and when it comes to maternal instinct, your first impression should have a major impact on the decision-making process. When the interviewer treats, and you feel something is off, or improper, do not ignore it - it's your instinct kicks in you in protecting your child. "Use the questionnaire interview with a babysitter new from my baby-sitter, to get some ideas on important questions you should ask .

2. Do I have to doubt my intuition? In general, instincts are wake-up call when something is not quite feel right. To avoid uncertainty about intuition, you should come prepared for an interview and ask all the questions, but if you feel It does not feel right, Think about the preparations you did an interview and ask Is there a concern of yours? This is a problem that the media sometimes poor initial. Then, ask yourself is it really your instinct or feeling I did not want to lose your job as a mother?.

3. How do I respond to my intuition? During the interview \ initial meeting, their comments or by reference to their gut feelings can trigger. Just at this point, you should ask more questions to shore the feeling you got. ask more if you do not understand the answer or full access. Use the advices from My Babysitter site . If you are still uncomfortable after you asked more questions, if your gut says there is something wrong, then the answer is - no.

4. If the intuition was wrong? Those who do not do, not wrong. We learn every day and every hour the mistakes we make in our lives, this learning process improves intuition next time or next event.

Intuition only helps the initial classification, now you must make sure that your paths have clear nanny, leaving a wide option of communicating to you with any questions that may arise.

This will test again and again your intuition in all media contact with the therapist. At first it will be crowded but gradually learn to work together, and feel calm will come.

Read this article in Hebrew קיראו מאמר זה בעברית

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