Babysitting for children requires care and proper behavior. Although sometimes it seems a natural function of each one of us, you must know some important things in them will work for families

How to start babysitting

A) Talk to the parent. Tell him or her that you are very interested in caring for the baby, but you're asking the usual rules and guidelines at.

B)recognize the child. An introduction together with the parents, must be before the first time. ask parents how and when. See More in other articles

C) Care the child just as you worry about your brother or your own children. Always remember that the child can not choose who his parents were, but can decide if it fits or not.

D) Remember, if your child starts to cry, try to encourage him or her. Maybe play a game, ask what they would like to do, Usually babies cry because they are hungry. So try to feed them and if that does not work, you can always call and consult with the mother.

E) Never remove the child eye. You never know what they can do when you're not in sight. Help children feel comfortable in your surroundings. If you are not comfortable, then they probably do not trust you. Talk with your child to meet his needs better - so they will welcome you and be able to trust you.

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