You Could feel ready if your profile in my babysitter site will be detailed as possible, in order that the family will have it before the meeting?

How to prepare for the first interview with the family

How to prepare for the first interview with the family

Here are some suggestions of what to do in your interview.

Bring with you copies of your CV, testimonials and proof of identity. It may seem too formal, but it is very important for your appointment with the family and thus to distinguish you from other candidates.

One of these items may mean the difference between getting the job or not.

If the interview takes place in a public place or in the family home, parents can not make copies of your ID.


Care indicate on your resume: detail them about your experience with other families, information about smooth moves, contact details with you even if you have sent a resume before, bring them to the meeting. This will enable parents to go over point by point, during the interview.


During an interview, the family wants to make sure all the details you need, and it is important to build trust between you. Bring with you an ID card and \ or any other certificate in your name and details appear.

If the job includes driving your car or the family, bring with you a driver's license.

Certificates and licenses

To show parents that you can deal with emergency situations. Give them a list of all the courses or training you went through, including the photo of all certificates, licenses or degrees received, including CPR and first aid. Families that feel that a professional who takes this job very seriously.

Labor agreement

Before you get any job, you should sign an agreement with the family. It lists what the job entails, days, hours, wages and any obligations imposed on you.

It also provides protection to all those involved in the case that a misunderstanding. You should discuss the contract at a later stage during the interview, when things are going well Criteria. This is a great way to show the small details that may not touched yet. See More in other articles

How would you like to show your organization's ability to parents

Contact List - Page parents will fill you with the details of all the people important to contact them during activities with children or in emergencies. It shows that you care about safety and know what to do in an emergency.

Schedule for example - how the day as when you nurse? Planning fun activities and crafts, children's meals temporary sheet.

Parents want to see that you will be actively involved in their child - not watching TV with them for 4 hours a day.

A list of fun things to do with children - mirror family you know the area they live in.

Compiled a list of activities in the city of the family. It should be a combination of low-cost options for the child's age appropriate.

A list of fun activities at home - what will you do with the child on a rainy day? This is a common question interview and it would be great to pull out this list of craft projects involving the child's age group. It also shows how creative you are, what most families seeking nanny.

Personal memorabilia - Make album binder or pictures of projects you've done with children, your pictures or play in the park souvenirs that children made ​​for you, and so on. Anything that shows how much you invest in developing a great relationship with the child and plan fun things to do. This will help you stand out from other candidates.


One of the most important things you can do every interview is to ask questions.

It shows that you were interested in the job and already takes the time to really think about it seriously. Be creative and detailed as possible.

In summary

It may take some time to find a job as a nanny or babysitter to suit your skills, but once the interview, it is important to make a good impression and charges against the parents.

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