Eventualy the nanny is really affects the child's character, whether it is between the ages of infancy and whether the garden. How can we influence that affects? Can we fix it ? ?

Mothers and dependence on the nanny

At the Moment when tou took the decision to go to work or to consume time for yourself is also the moment when you are ready to give another character to enter your child's life. This is one of many compromises we make in life But is it correct?

Well, this is not the question, since when did you decide that you need help, you should focus on how to locate the new character and can you get her to identify with the way you see fit to raise it.

The selection process should incorporate an examination of how you can count on the new nanny adopt at least some out of your way in raising the child, or at least be honest enough to share with you in what was now reliable enough to allow you to give emphasis to continue.

Honesty is taking care of critical and important feature to locate it in the screening process that prepares candidates.

Preparations will affect your future relationship and especially the quality of care for the child. See More in other articles

We recommend that you read the article with a babysitter interview tips to get some ideas of how sound her a candidate and locate points during the call, that will allow you to predict the level of honesty and fairness of the candidate before you hire the services.

During the work of the therapist may also want to be in constant throughout the day and receive a current picture that you can give your opinion on events and training influence of what things look like you.

For example: How was lunch, what he ate and how much he ate, whether and what collaborated eating after dinner.

Answers will allow you to understand whether things are a little as you would like.

Can be fixed!.

During the period that you hire the nanny, if you can find the nanny Incompatibilities between the current image as seen you during interviews candidates, you should stop the connection immediately and be replaced.

In addition, you child doses weekend, then you can also hear the experiences of past days, also detect behaviors are acquired and in particular show, talk and explain how things ought to be.

The boy could make the distinctions between the way you show him and the events of the day when it is with your therapist to reflect his new insights whenever he finds a certain behavior is not as he had learned with the nanny.

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