Privacy parties to this agreement is "Parenting - Operator", apply Yigael Yadin 41 intelligence (the operator),
And among all the other users on the site (the users)
Everything about the site: (the Site).
This policy statement that runs the user. Operator may change this policy at any time.
Operates values ​​your privacy and therefore put this privacy policy to Make it clear to you what information is saved by it and how it takes care of it.
Using the Site, you agree that the operator will collect this information and use it in accordance with this policy.
Operator maintains the following types of information:
Given by you, information provided by other information provided to the operator during you visit, Including information provided when building a personal profile or want ad.
Statistical information such as the number of hits on every page, the pages that refer to the site, Browser type, operating system, screen resolution and more.
Information to third parties for use for the purpose of providing services, including: Allowing the registration site and services such as, google +, twitter Facebook Google Analytics, etc., Some of which are different privacy policies of these policies. For this purpose, you are required to review the privacy policies of these services From time to time, and make sure you agree to them.
To terminate the contract with the operator, you must log into your account and select the Unsubscribe or freezing meaning the closure option to view your profile or website Providing allows you to resume a future-respectively.
If you feel that your privacy is compromised, please use the Contact Us form on-site operator Or directly via e-mail address: at
In order for us to make a decision appropriate in relation to the subject placed on you.