Parties to this Agreement is "parenting" - my babysitter, spread Yigael Yadin 41 intelligence (the operator),
And among all the other users on the site (the user) regarding the use of the site: (the Site).
This agreement is binding and comprehensive and objective to regulate the relationship between you, the operator and other users on the site.
Operator may change these terms and conditions at any time.
It is written in the masculine form for convenience and does not discriminate between the sexes. The site is specifically intended for Both sexes male and female alike. If you do not agree whether the ski conditions, you should not browse web pages.
Site Manager operator for families and people looking for a job in childcare.
You visit you agree to all the Terms of browsing listed on this page.
The purpose of this Agreement is to regulate the relationship with the operator, including the right to stop providing the services on the site at any time.
This Agreement governs the relationship between you and other users and guarantees the right of the operator to send you e-mail From time to time on the site.
It is hereby clarified that the operator will never be liable, for any reason and for any damage as a result of reliance on the information on the site.
Operator will do its best to keep the site is, however, no guarantee that the site operator will be available At any time and may discontinue the Site Administration, and \ or prevent certain users from using the site or a particular group or complex IP addresses to an end, at any time and in its sole discretion.
You will have no claim for the loss of content, loss of links or any other claim when you delete your profile or the whole site or any part of it.
Content on the website as they are (as is) and do not constitute an alternative to the discretion of each party.
This information should not be regarded as professional advice and especially not reliable information.
Operator shall not be liable under any circumstances, for you will depend on the extent and content on the website.
You agree not to take any bad language against the operator, another user or anyone, not to infringe copyright, trade secret, violating a gag order, mislead consumers according to the Consumer Protection Law, publish advertising Inciting racism, and \ or violence against a person on the basis of sexual orientation.
The operator will be allowed to present, from time to time, third-party ads or advertising content and \ or Sponsored by third parties on the site, promotion and marketing of products. You are aware of this and you will have
Any claim against presentation of content. Operator is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other sites which will link site Or linking to the site. Clicking on a link, or any other sign, you should note that you may be leaving the site.
In addition, the operator is not liable for the advertisements shown on the site, but the advertisers themselves.
Operator is not liable for the content of ads published by third parties and shall guarantee the nature.
Another evening operator shall supply the goods you purchase Following these publications and will not be responsible in any way operator for damage caused to you due to the purchase of products Following reports in the database.
From time to time publish the site operator, between whether in writing or separately, links to external sites or the Third Party Services.
For the avoidance of doubt, there is no connection between these sites operator unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Operator is not responsible for their repair of external links nor responsible for the content contained in them.
All information presented on this site, including comments surfers and site design, software, application, File graphic computer code, text, picture, games, video clips, audio clips and external application Are the intellectual property of the operator unless otherwise stated. You are prohibited from copying, Distribute and publicly display or use the intellectual property of the operator without its prior And in writing, including a complete copy and / or part-time; Use of trademarks and / or logo, archive storage, Translation, re-editing and the like. You agree not to make use of the site to harass other users or the operator, Either by continuous sending of messages or by sending Abusive or harassing messages.
Will only use good faith, and not post any information that is offensive publication defined.
You exempts the operator from liability for damages incurred by you due to the publication of the website.
You will be solely responsible for the content you post, and you certify that you checked them Prior to their publication and that you will indemnify the operator for any damage caused to her by the publication of false content.
You certify that you will not use the website in advertising or marketing purposes without the consent of the operator.
Any publication of such character, without the operator quits your profile.
The parties shall not apply to employer-employee relations. Israeli law shall apply to any dispute arising
This Agreement and any dispute exclusively imported exclusively to the courts in the center of Israel
Each party shall bear his expenses in full.