Ask the right questions, this is the first rule in interviews. Sometimes provide direct answers and sometimes have to read or listen to the answers and between the lines

Tips for an interview with a babysitter

Sample questions:

What was the best job in the past and why?

How would you describe your character?

What your personality is suitable for this position?

Can you give me a brief summary of your previous work?

What are your greatest strengths? Things you can improve?

Do you feel good communication capability Atabal?

What is the most challenging thing you've dealt previous employer? And how you solved the problem?

How do you deal with things that are frustrating you?

How would you encourage a child sad? (See More in other articles)

What are your hobbies?

How many times you could not get to work his last post of yours?

Do you have pets?

What training have you: Reviving children, first aid etc.

What you have skills: communication, time management, clean, neat and organized, be a good listener

Do you have the ability to function multitasking?

What kind of personality does the best impression on you?

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